Hobo Challenge (The Rules Refined)

Your sim has been down on their luck lately and has found themselves homeless. Now they have to scrape every cent and resource they can to build themselves back up.

Goal: Have $30,000 at one time (this does not include your home value)


  • You can have them look however you would like. 
  • For added detail use patterns and clothing to make them look homeless.


  • Must have kleptomaniac & loser traits.
  • Can not have: lucky or heavy sleeper traits.
  • Recommended: Mooch & Loves the Outdoors
  • No LTWs that relate to careers. (Can’t do them anyways)

Your Lot

  • Must use an empty lot. 
  • Can only use plants, trees, shrubs, flowers, terrain paints and tools. 
  • The only item you can purchase is only one of the following: Community Bench, Sleeping Bag, Tent (cheapest one).


  • After you finish designing your lot, you must set your funds to $50. (Use familyfunds cheat).
  • No cheats allowed after initial money is set.
  • You can only use items on your home lot that have been stolen by your sim. You can not sell anything you’ve stolen.
  • Gain money by going through trash cans, fishing, and collecting: gems, bugs, metals, rocks, plants, and seeds. 
  • Because of you are so dirty, no one will hire you. So no part time or full time jobs.
  • No eating out. Who wants to sit next to a stinky sim?
  • No accepting opportunities. 
  • No marrying or moving in sims. 

Building a house is up to you, but keep in mind you can only furnish your home with things you have stolen and can only use money (for walls, windows, doors and wallpaper) that you have gotten for selling collectables and fish. Remember - No selling stolen goods! (Store them if you don’t want to use them)

Happy Simming!!